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The Creative Process of Visual Communication: Graphic Design

Graphic Design is a creative process referred to as visual communication. Considered disciplines, these visual communications along with presentation, are a creative process with the intent to convey a graphic message to a targeted audience.

As part of creating Corporate Identification, graphic design is instrumental in the creative process to create the image or branding of the company; that on-going graphic design process which continues—even after the corporate identification is completed.

This process creates a team comprised of: the client, a designer or team of designers, producers, printers, programmers, web designers, sign makers, copy writers, and market researchers.

The culmination of the design process will result in a tangible, graphic form that is the visual representation of the ideas and messages. This visual form combines key words, symbols, logos, icons, favicons, widgets, signets, images, color, slogans, messages and ideas.

This combination of elements creates a clear visual representation of the company with defined typography, color, and layouts.

The design process may include:

• Identity (logos and branding)
• Typefaces and composition
• Colors
• Presentation rules
• Templates for letterhead and envelopes
• Website
• All printed material publications (magazines, newspapers, and books), copywriting, advertisements and product packaging
• Letter, Newsletter, TV, Radio format
• Training
• Sales and Marketing
• Company manual with description

A corporate identity manual is then assembled using all these visual and graphic elements. The purpose of creating this manual is to maintain these visual guidelines, and to achieve a standardized external image for the company.