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Project Management

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Web project management methodology defines the structure of a project as a temporary strategic mission. It has a defined timeline to meet certain intentions that will add worth or will bring change. The entire project is controlled by funding or deliverables.

A project plan pursues comprehensive planning for future growth. Each project is unique. Driven by competing limits, one single factor can have an impact on all the other constraints. A project that has to be repeated, or is without deliverables, has a problem with project management. This often leads to chaos.

The principles of project management follow certain guidelines necessary to form the project structure.


  • Determine if this a new idea or an area in need of change
  • Assess the client's ideas and perspective
  • Identify client requirements
  • Discuss client budget parameters
  • Discuss client resources
  • Determine risk factors
  • Discuss desired outcomes


  • Determine project intention and scope
  • Determine market potential
  • Identify budget constraints
  • Analyze project costs
  • Estimate budget


  • Define structure and purpose
  • Define the project core
  • Determine how the current corporate identity will be reflected in corporate image, graphic expression, media, website, marketing, social media, and sales
  • Create a realistic and efficient timeline
  • Define strategy with corporate policies and standards
  • Create metrics to measure intended success
  • Identify and assemble the team players; define the scope of their work
  • Identify ongoing project maintenance
  • Plan for the future needs of the corporation and plan future growth
  • Create a seamless integration of product, service, and visibility
  • Create the Initiation Documentation: the project brief containing the essential information to begin the project with the goals, scope, organization, business case, and constraints
  • Identify customers and consumers, and the form of interface

Project Management Methodology and Development

  • Maintain ongoing, historical project data
  • Identify target audience
  • Choose visual and graphic interface
  • Create or update: email, social media, blogs, email campaigns, websites
  • Website development: navigation, new or refreshed web content using keyword strategy, contract webhost and webmaster, and search engine optimization plan or SEO provider
  • Business case outline: develop client database, develop internet marketing, and target web traffic
  • Product project scope, testing for user, operations, and maintenance acceptance
  • Create market niche, and know competition methodology
  • Timeline and monthly billing
  • Remain current with changing trends and emerging technologies
  • Perform search engine optimization on a regular schedule, and frequently refresh web content with updated keywords