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Develop and build website

  • Analyze and verify web standards compliance all visual design elements
  • Review and identify all specifications for goal achievability.  Project review of visual design and structure. Adjust specifications. Review target display resolution, maximum connection speed of target user population, page file size limitations due to internet connection speeds
  • Build website and structure using web standards W3C, use of CSS, HTML, Flash Java, audio, video, search functions, shopping cart and secure credit card transactions, Google analytics
  • Review and adjust original timeline and budget, fine tune the technical and functional specifications
  • Detailed target and timeline specifications update
  • Cascading style sheets, create the style based on the wireframe
  • Use the most recent valid HTML, Java, Flash, PDF
  • Create the pages; index and secondary page by inserting the content
  • Optimize code
  • Create original editable templates
  • Backend development including the development of features required for the database, login, search, ecommerce and secure transactions, analytics database, forms, ecommerce, and transactions
  • Run the first test on local server
  • Review information with the team and contributors

Testing period before website goes live (resolution of all technical, navigational and content problems)

  • Timeline period for testing completion, review and notate all errors, technical and   content. Create a list and prioritize the problems or errors to be corrected
  • The content should be grammatically accurate, add one extra careful review of the spelling, and verify the flow of content
  • Check all hyperlinks and links, and repair broken links  
  • Check website function to conform to the initial project guidelines
  • Validate the code and that all browsers uniformly display the pages
  • Conduct tests for potential visual variances of the website using several different PCs and laptops 
  • Verify the security of the website
  • Priority of problems-repair:  Prior to launch, identify problems or errors that may improve the navigation, performance of the website but do not affect the function and future improvements to content, navigation and performance.  These improvements may be implemented post-launch
  • Website launch, files upload,  style guide creation, and the maintenance schedule
  • The style guide comprises the design standards for the website, logos, typography, colors. The code branding standard may vary slightly from the original guideline.
  • Naming of files, and the standard convention used for future file names, folders, and directories
  • Site map structure
  • Create all future templates