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Website file maintenance

  • New coded file upload and deletion of unnecessary files
  • Maintain and monitor the accuracy, traffic, and provide attack detection
  • Preventative measures to mitigate hacker attack and damaging intrusions to the website
  • Hacker attacks can wipe out a website. Early stage detection prevents catastrophic damage; careful URL monitoring can detect these attacks

Updated webmaster tools offer the client critical information which are unseen to a website visitor. These tools provide valuable information. No fail-safe guarantee, it eliminates many of the threats which can arise from a variety of sources

  • The client's website will be a crawler verified site; this periodic action will prevent warnings from search engines such as “this is a non-qualified domain”, or “un-trusted site”
A periodic dashboard is provided to the client and dependent upon activity detail, containing these details:
  • Potential malware activity on the site
  • Crawl errors on the site
  • Crawl stats showing crawls per period
  • Number of Queries per period, this information is valuable to create and update the website metatags lists. Also gives an indication of traffic trends of the unique metatags used
  • Verify during the period that all browsers display the information correctly (IE, Firefox, Safari, Opera update their versions periodically) website browser compliant is important so no errors are displayed on pages
  • Accurate metatags relevant to the page content will avoid blacklisting
  • The domain should be used only for business to avoid possible URL blacklisting (it may take up to 48 hours for the crawlers to clear a blacklisted website). Add social network accounts (Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook) by placing a link on the company website to inform crawlers of the account’s legitimacy. Avoid allowing staff to access personal social networking using company computers as this is potentially disastrous

With this service, clients receive:

  • Periodic reports on URL traffic
  • Monitor outbound/inbound website traffic
  • Apply updated metatags to the site (metatags provided by the client then the webmaster uploads the files to the server)
  • Updated files upload or changes
  • Periodic traffic verification
  • Reports delivered to client via email (report delivery frequency is variable)
  • Webmasters provide companies an invaluable service with these preventative actions