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Owned and operated by creative artists Ricardo A. Kostner and Kathleen Hird Kostner, Hird and Kostner was formed in 2005 after the merger of RAKWEB design (1999) and Hird Design (1999). This US team offers creative services including web photography, web design and development. Our consultants provide professional web project management solutions and web services.

With a combined total of over 80 years of education and training, these entrepreneurs founded and operated their own international businesses. Prior to their meeting and ever since, Hird and Kostner have accumulated an abundance of very unique, hands-on, project management experiences. Working as a seamless unit, this creative team embraces the opportunities that arise with ever-changing technologies and times, fearlessly reinventing themselves, and recycling wisdom carefully garnered from valuable life experiences.

The secret to their continued success is a pragmatic ability to remain adaptable with the changing sands of time.

Welcome to the portal at Hird and Kostner, we are unique and innovative. The team of Hird and Kostner sells fine art products, creative services, and photography. We also provide Web Project Management Consulting Services, and Web Development for businesses and individuals.

When these words, "Be the best I can be, and I bring out the best in you," emerged as a single thought, it was quickly scrawled with a dull-tipped, yellow pencil onto a scrap of brown wrapping paper. This fleeting concept had not existed until that crystalline moment. We stared in awe at this piece of brown paper: a simple, yet powerful directive, it was very clear. Now our mission, it has sparked all that continues to appear through this portal.

This heartfelt and passionate philosophy continues to spur into action the creative spirits of Hird and Kostner. This concept encourages kindness with the passage of time, motivates an adaptability to change, inspires the gnawing desire to create, and arouses the willingness to grow; to be the best we can be--each day. Creative consciousness opens the heart and mind to the pure potential that exists.

"Making creative things happen" -our motto permeates every action. By simply drawing inspiration from the creative flow in our surroundings, remarkable things can emerge. Intertwined, and yet separate, every action causes another action. This interaction cannot be forced. It unfolds in a certain way; the output of taking the risk. It is a glorious adventure into the unknown. Out of this fiery crucible of pure creative energy pours the mysterious and magic. It is the thrill of pure potential.

This creative consciousness also instills a humble reverence for this planet, the environment, and all living creatures. To do no harm as the observer, through photography, history is documented in a fleeting gift of time. Our Fine Art Photography captures those special moments in cherished art.

We also provide web project management consultancy and web creative services. The best strategic plan for each client is distilled from a personalized, six-step process. Each project assignment is unique. Success involves diligent research using current web-based development tools.

Creative services combine the various website components into an interconnected whole. The Corporate Identity defines the graphics, logo, colors, text, font, and mission of the company. This identity is reflected in the primary visual components of the website build.

The galleries display the fine art photography of Kathleen Hird Kostner and Ricardo Kostner. Images are available as prints or stock photography.

Where creativity meets intellect, the powerful energy of pure potential will unfold. Creative output is the synergy that emerges from imagination and action.

Fused together with a deep, passionate love of the artistic process, these creative energies transform a mere idea into the timeless creation of fine art.

white sands national park, remain adaptable

"Remain Adaptable"
White Sands National Park, New Mexico
by Kathleen Hird Kostner | Hird and Kostner

hard at work, roozen farms

"Hard at Work"
Skagit Valley, WA
by Ricardo Kostner | Hird and Kostner

White Sands, NW

"White Sands"
White Sands National Monument, New Mexico
Glorious Sun at 2 PM
by Kathleen Hird Kostner | Hird and Kostner

All images in this website are available as stock photography, printed on canvas and a variety of archival papers.

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