Company History


Kathleen Hird

Beginning a dream in 1999 as Hird Custom Design.
2002 Hird Wright Design Studio, LLC.
2004 Chance meeting between Hird and Kostner at Lawrence Art Center Art Auction, company changed name to Hird Photography and Design Center, LLC.
2005 Hird and Kostner and Pure Potential Creative Output.

Ricardo Kostner

1999 formed RAKwebDesign in Santiago, Chile.
In 2000 Kostner returns to the US and creates Omnet LLC, a consulting company.
2000 RAKwebDesign continues operating from the USA.
In 2005, both companies merge to form Hird and Kostner and Pure Potential Creative Output with Kathleen Hird.
Hird and Kostner, Pure Potential Creative Output, H and K are owned and operated by Ricardo A. Kostner and Kathleen Hird Kostner.
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