Our purpose and main desire is to gather information about the Köstner family, search and collect data, pictures kept by family members through the years, including, family stories whenever possible.

From our investigation it is concluded that the Köstner family originates in Germany, in the "Thüringen" area.

Nevertheless, the Köstner last name is found in Europe; mainly in Austria, Germany, Italy and Switzerland. In America, Argentina, Bolivia, Chile and the United States; all with the same ancestral origin. The family of the branch Köstner Kirchner, reside mainly in Germany, Switzerland, Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, and in the United States.

The families Köstner Jungnückel begin a new branch of the family in 1913. Four children and eleven grandchildren make possible the descendants of this Köstner branch, however, only three males in this fourth generation, will maintain the ancestral last name in this branch.

The summary of data is made with documents of the Church, of German and American genealogy, finally from verbal information. The lack of more information leaves as with some holes, this information will be included in future summaries and as often as it is received or whenever possible.

The original Köstner Kirchner branch originated in Germany with four siblings who travelled to South America; Ferdinand (Chile), Georg (Bolivia and Argentina), Julius Ernst (Chile) and Wilhelmine (Chile).

The two sisters, Adele and Emmi Susanne (Chile), are the last of the Jungnückel Tahlheim branch.