Genealogy of the family

As source for information they served mainly books of the church whose usage began in the 16th century.

The present pattern of genealogy and ancestry, present from the X generation on, has many empty spaces of information. Especially in the Thüringen, Enztal and the Land Baden that was the homeland of many ancestors Köstner and Kirchner, and that Land was in the 17th century, scenario of many wars.

The writing of names in the books of churches is arbitrary, in the baptismal books was many times stated only the day of the baptism and that almost always coincided with the day of birth.

Where the birth day was not indicated it coincided with that of the baptism. The generations of the Köstner, Kirchner families are logged with Roman numbers; the men have even numbers and the women odd numbers.

Looking at Page for Page, this genealogical tree compared with others, one gets the attention of the variety and the different origins and, not so much with respect to their homeland, as to the profession of the ancestor.

Almost all the communes of the Land German Swab are present as well as the Land Francon and the Ostmark. Not alone the professional status are varied for those that our ancestors belong; there they are, besides journeymen and peasants, artisans and merchants, professors and shepherds, public officials, artists and university professors.

It is not unusual that among the siblings, of those that are part of this genealogical tree, be so ingrained with the desire of adventure and the effort of achieving independence and the impulse of going abroad. None of them, when they reached adulthood stayed in their birth area; some emigrated to the new world, one went to Palestine and the descendants still maintain a close contact with the old homeland. Additional information was provided by our dear Tante Hilde in 2000, needs more investigation.