In Illingen lived from 1723 until 1870 only five mature individuals belonging to the family. Between Enztal and Stromberg is this town of Illingen, with a very soft climate at the north side of Marka in the hills of Keuper, where vineyards grow, to the south side fertile lands have excellent wheat fields.

An abundant commercial traffic always passed through town. Through half of the Swab Land passes the old commercial highway toward the west, toward Pfortzheim and the valleys of the Rhine, from there it also starts the important highway to Heidelberg and Frankfurt.

Valentine Kirchner

Here in 1723 a Valentine Kirchner of Balzholz was married, of baker's occupation; the son was wine maker, his grandson and great-grandchild were shoemakers and the last one that sustains this last name in this region, is a merchant and it also maintains an important trade of leeches.

The oldest in this family that has been possible to locate, was also called Valentine, commonly written Veltin. He is named for the first time in the town of Balzholz in the book of baptisms, when in the year 1649 a son was born to him called Johannes Cristian.

The city or the town of origin and the peculiarities have not been possible to discover, like at the end of the 30 year-old war he was displaced toward Balzholz; perhaps it belonged to the troop that defended the fort located in Hohenneuffen in the heights of the town.

Origin of the Köstner Family name

The family name Köstner originates in the area of Thüringen, possibly from Jost or Kost, we have Köstner already in the early 1400's.

Origin of the Kirchner Family name

The family name Kirchner does not originate from the towns of Kirchen, of those that there are many in Germany, but rather it should be supposed that the one that takes that name, was employee of a church.

That is when in Swabia, a church employee was named Mesner, therefore we should suppose that the one that takes the name Kirchner was not Swab.

The books of inhabitants of the 16th century of the communes of Neuffen and Urach don't register the name Kirchner.

Illingen ancestral home
Ancestral home in Illingen