Johan Köstner

Of the Family of Johan Köstner, the Father of Ernst Julius Köstner Kirchner we have little information, we know he had two sisters.

He married Ernestine Kirchner and had 15 Children.

III2a) Johan Julius Köstner was born in Kronach (Nordhalben) June 26, 1843, he died in 1898, he was a Sculptor, his two sisters, one III1b) Kätchen married Meister Arthur Stenglein, an Official of Railroads, without children, because of it, Kätchen helped take care of her sister-in-law Ernestine's children, and the second sister III3c) an Opera Singer in Paris.

Johan and Ernestine had 15 children, they were in this order:

II1a) Daughter Gretchen Köstner Kirchner, married a Mr. Fietz and they lived in Vienna, they had 3 children.
II2b) Son Vinzens Hans, married Luise Kilp, they had 2 daughters, Lella married with W. Loeding Beide. The second, Ruth married a Mr. Ärntzen.
II4c) Son August, was born 12 March 12, 1876 he married Elise, they had 3 children, Erna, married Edgar Sommer, Georg 1900 - 1968 married Elisabeth and Luise married Arthur Junghans.
II3d) Daughter Wihlhelmine, married Georg Lang, a widower with 5 children.
II6e) Son Ferdinand, married Rosa Lang (daughter of Georg Lang), 6 children. 2 died of months. Georg, Ernst, Hans, Wihlhelm. In his second marriage he married Elena Rojas, had 6 children. The eldest died at 6 months, Ruth, Lella, Ferdinand, Erna and Walter.
II8f) Son Georg, married María, he had 2 children, Verónica married Hans Kleinlein with 2 children in Bolivia and Hans, married Angelica 2 children in Buenos Aires.
II5g) Daughter Katharina, 1882-1955, she married Arthur Knan, 1875-1953, they had 2 daughters, María 1900-1968 she had 2 daughters Ina and Herta. The second daughter Luisle had a daughter, María that had a Boutique in Nürenberg.
II10h) Son Hans Baptist, born October 1884, died 19 October, 1954 married with María Usselmann, had 3 children María, August and Anni María married with Dr. Goetz and they had 2 children, Margarethe (Bamberg) and Georg married Irene they had 3 children, Willi, Hans and Irene.
II12i) Son Ernst Julius, was born 09 November in Kronach (Nordhalben), 1885 and he died 22 March, 1953 in Santiago (Chile). He married 22 April, 1913 Emmi Susanne Jungnückel, that was born 24 August, 1886 in Dippoldiswalde and she died 20 September, 1970 in Santiago, they had three children: Hildegard, Ernst and Annemarie.
II14j) Son Luitpold, died in 1914 in Russia in the First War.
II7k) Daughter Lucía, married Georg Lang, adoptive son of Mina (Wihlhelmine Köstner), they had 3 children, Karl who married Johanna with a daughter Margot, Poldi married Ursula Voelz Kinderlos and Hans married Maysel they had 2 children, Margot and Hans and they live in München.
II16l) Son Alfred, 1892-1967, he married María Laufer, 1889 - 1974, they had 2 children, Margaret 1923 and Poldi 1924. II9m) Margaret married Josef Roschker and they had 2 daughters, Brigit married Sigrit and Poldi married Helga Gutery they had 2 children, Dorle and Peter.

The other three children didn't reach adulthood.

Johan Kostner