Kirchner family

The patriarch of the family Veltin Kirchner, has up to 1663, 7 children, 2 boys 5 daughters.

Around 1750 registers a Kirchner as professor in the town of Balzholz.

In the 19th century there are several Kirchner in the region of Neuffen.

Many of them emigrated to the new world, at least 5 siblings of Georg Michael Kirchner.

Now, no Kirchner's live in Illingen.

III11k) Ernestine Pauline, Mother of Julius Ernst Köstner, her parents are:

IV Georg Michael Kirchner, was born in Illingen 12 November, 1822 and died in 29 October, 1868. Married in Weissach 18 January, 1835. A Merchant in Leeches.
IV Justine Sopfie Kurfess was born in Weissach 17 July, 1812 and died in 17 June, 1860.

Georg Michael and Justine Sopfie had 15 children:

III1a) Katharina Wilhelmine was born in Illingen 19 November, 1835 died there 03 December, 1835.
III3b) Sophie Friederike was born in Illingen 22 May, 1837 married in Dürrmenz 05 May, 1859 J. G. Wieland.
III5c) Katharine Karoline was born in Illingen 22 December, 1838 died there 31 May, 1863.
III2d) August Heinrich was born in Illingen 17 October, 1840 died the 21 of July, 1891. Married in Memmingen 11 May, 1866 with Anna Sabina Strodel von Erkheim.
III4e) Tobias Friederich was born in Illingen 13 July, 1842 emigrates in September 1866 to America.
III6f) Carl Gottlieb was born in Illingen 29 January, 1844. In 06 November, 1867 as Saddler in Stuttgart he requested to the Parish of Illingen his elimination from the church and his entrance to the Society of German Templars and he moves to Palestine. Dies in Hamburg 08 March, 1922.
III7g) Christine Luise was born in Illingen 20 September, 1845 married 11 July, 1867 with the Butcher Gottlieb August Widmann in Güglingen.
III9h) Auguste Marie was born in Illingen 24 April, 1847 died there the 14 January, 1851.
III8i) Gustav Adolph was born in Illingen 22 December, 1848 did emigrate to North America 23 September, 1866. Died in New York 1926.
III10j) Ernst Louis was born in Illingen 30 March, 1850 married in Ludwigsburg 03 October, 1876 with Marie Sophie Elise Götz died in Stuttgart.
III11k) Ernestine Pauline she was born in Illingen 17 May, 1851. She died in Bamberg the 29 November, 1919 as widow of the Sculptor Johann Köstner.
III13l) Auguste Marie was born in Illingen 27 September, 1852 died 28 September, 1852.
III12m) Paul Otto was born in Illingen 28 October, 1853 married in Münchingen 24 July, 1877 Luise Katharine Jeutter. A Beermaster in Eltingen died 03 May, 1901.
III14n) Robert Julius was born in Illingen 27 February, 1855 merchant and later administrator in the Solitüde. Died ?.
III15o) Christine Wilhelmine was born in Illingen 30 July, 1856 died there 11 of August 1856.