Köstner - Jungnückel family

We will center the beginning of the Branch Köstner - Jungnückel in the following event:

In Chile, Hans Mühlemann (Talca Mill) provided the Barley for the Brewery Köstner of Cauquenes that belonged to Fernando Köstner, it is in that circle where Julius Ernst Köstner Kirchner (Hotelier) meets Emmi Susanne Jungnückel Thalheim at a reception party.

After a short courtship they marry in Talca the 22 April, 1913 and they return to Germany in 1914 with their first daughter Hildegard born in Santiago the 28 January, 1914.

The trip to Germany is a vacation trip and so the family meets their first daughter.

Visiting the home of Ernestine Pauline Kirchner,
the First World War begins and Julius Ernst is called to serve his homeland, he stays at the war front for 5 years; during those bloody years Emmi Susanne his wife visits him in the front in two opportunities.

Emmi Susanne moves to Mannheim and lives with Wilhelmine Köstner (widow of Lang), since there is the 28th Regiment of Artillery to which Julius Ernst belonged. In 1918 he is gravely wounded in a leg so he is sent home for his recovery, being this a very long recovery he doesn't return to the front, previously he had been attacked with mustard gas having to stay in a Hospital for two months.

In that year they return to Bamberg and they buy the Hotel Bellevue that belonged to a Mr. Vonhaus with money provided by uncle Waldispül (Emmi Susanne's uncle, and that money was supposedly part of an inheritance), toward the end of the first War; 7 May, 1919 was born in Bamberg the second son, Johann Ernst.

Later the Hotel Bellevue is sold to Karl Linsenmeier in 1920, so they can return to live in Chile.

They travel by Ship to Buenos Aires and they cross the Andes mountain range in the Transandine train, with all of their belongings.

Wilhelmine Köstner Kirchner accompanies them , they reside in Limache where they are devoted to the business of Bakery, but this business does not suit them because the town is too far away from a large city, in this case the port city of Valparaíso.

In that time the third child is born to the Köstner - Jungnückel family, her name: Annemarie Helma.

They move to Santiago around 1925 where Julius Ernst associates with the French to improve the Restaurant Santiago. He associates with a Mr. Belt and they buy the concession of the Hotel Trapiche of Peñaflor (1931) this business ends with the crisis of the Saltpeter deposits (North of Chile) in 1932, he takes the Frohsinn (German song club) until he merges the business with the German Club. Around 1938-39 the Deutsches Sportsverein begins, Club that occupied an entire block.

Unfortunately, another war started in Europe and all the Germans residing in Chile lost their businesses.

From 1944 and at least for three years they lived off savings because they could not begin a new business. But still with all that Julius Ernst buys the Conservative Club Fernández Concha, place that he manages until his death in March of 1953.

Emmi Susanne stays living alone until her death in 1970.

Of the three children that this branch of the Family had:

I1a) The eldest Erna Hildegard, married Isidro Valencia and she had two children:

1a) Carmen Linda married Raul Espinosa
2b) Max Guillermo married Bärbel Grothe

I2b) Johann Ernst married Clemencia Eugenia González and they had four children:

2a) Ricardo Adolfo married Kathleen Hird Kostner, two children
3b) Susana Ingrid married Dr. Carlos Guerra, four children
5c) Valeria Astrid married Hugo Carvacho, five children
4d) Rodrigo Ernesto married Dr. Marcela Uribe, three children

I3c) The youngest daughter Annemarie married Kurt Steffen and they had two children:

1a) Edith Erna Steffen Köstner married Julio Nielsen Meneses, three children: Julio, Annemarie, Erik.
2b) Alfredo Arturo married Edeltraut Ronowski in Hamburg, two children: Pascal and Martin.

Ernestine Pauline Kirchner