Architectural photography serves to create dramatic visual and artistic structural rendering, and, over time, provide irreplaceable, historic records of man-made objects. Any construction can transform into a magnificent interplay of forms, surfaces, and lines that organize right in front of the camera. When this interplay is combined with optimum lighting conditions, these components work in harmony to create striking art with arrangements visually pleasing to the eye. Medium-format digital capture provides high resolution images in most sizes for stock photography, or printed and framed wall art.
Nature photography depicts the beauty and fragility of our natural world as observed by the photographer. Vivid and poignant images patiently capture the exceptional contained within a fleeting moment of time. Artistic images document that singular moment with powerful visuals using light, angles, and color applied to creatures and the natural environment. A successful nature photograph will tell the story, evoke emotion, and create a lasting impression. These high-resolution, DSLR images are available in most sizes either as stock photography, or printed and framed wall art.
Portrait photography is a 2-dimensional, artistic reproduction that speaks to the nature of a person or a group of people composed in a still position. In the finished image, the photographer accurately depicts the likeness of the person, and reveals some part of the subject's character, personality, and mood. Spontaneous expression is accentuated with the creative use of light and shadow, body position, props, background, or location. The resulting portrait is an invitation for the imagination to move past the obvious and reach inside the image.
Commercial photography is the pictorial explanation for business and industry. Professional images provide illustrative detail to the corporate identity, brand, and vision; these images enhance all printed materials, and web-based, internet marketing, and are an integral part of the strategic planning process. These images become part of the business collateral for printed materials, and for the corporate web interface. Commercial photographs tie together the corporate backbone to project identity and to build successful strategies for marketing, advertising, and sales.
Still life and product photography places inanimate objects into carefully staged and unique compositions illuminated by carefully controlled light, shadows, surfaces, and props. A fine art image is creatively assembled when the photographer has total authority over the subject matter. Detail-rich and high-resolution DSLR images create stunning fine art photographs for any business environment, web, and printed materials.
Landscape photography often captures those unexpected or serendipitous events that occur in the presence of nature. Motivated to preserve the environment and create fine art photography, photographers use light, color, and sky to emphasize the creative magic within a flower, and create a detail-rich landscape of Earth's rolling vistas.



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